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Pipo Romero

Pipo Romero is a virtuoso acoustic guitarist from Cádiz (Spain) and an even more brilliant composer, blending an original compendium of styles (folk, flamenco, classical, country, celtic music).

“An emotional & multicultural experience through the world of the Acoustic Guitar”

“Unforgettable Folk, flamenco, Celtic & classical influenced melodies”

Pipo Romero, a gifted composer and virtuoso acoustic guitarist from Cádiz, Spain, has become a prominent figure in the acoustic guitar scene. His music comes from the essence of this city and from the music, influences and folklore of different parts of the world. His original and unprecedented approach to his music and his instrument has made him one of the most relevant artists in the world of acoustic guitar. His compositions combine folk, flamenco, Celtic and classical melodies, creating an emotional and multicultural experience.

With his third album “Ikigai”, released in April 2022, Romero reached #28 on the Transglobal World Music Chart. Ikigai is an ode to Spanish folklore and its crossover with Atlantic folks, composed and performed on a steel-string guitar. Full of colors and nuances, from the purest and most authentic roots of his land but with an open heart towards other times and cultures.

Performing internationally, including at the Lincoln Center or Kennedy Center in the USA, Taiwan World Music Festival in Taipei, or Ancona Mediterraneo Festival in Italy, he continues to captivate audiences with his vibrant performances.


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