Producciones Submarinas
Producciones Submarinas

Music Management

We create environments that help musicians find their path.

Producciones Submarinas

We decided to immerse ourselves in the world of music to create environments that promote and facilitate musicians to find their path and reach their full artistic potential.

We believe in doing things differently, but above all, in doing them incredibly well to bring out the best in each artist. That’s why we are on top of every detail.

We take joy in making their dreams come true and accompanying them at every step of their journey.

Towards new horizons

Music Artist Management

We are involved in the careers of the following artists

Management David Otero

David Otero is a renowned singer, guitarist, producer and composer from Madrid.

He was one of the two main members (as composer and guitarist) of one of the most relevant Spanish Pop bands of the 21st century: “El Canto del Loco”.

Management Pipo Romero

Pipo Romero, is a talented composer and acoustic guitarist from Cadiz, Spain.

His original and unprecedented musical fusion and his particular approach to the instrument have made him one of the most relevant artists of the acoustic guitar scene.

“Truly, if it weren't for the music, there would be more reasons to go crazy.”


“It's not enough to hear the Music; you also have to see it.”


“Music is a broad thing, without limits, without boundaries, without borders, without flags.”


“All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.”


“Genius is made up of two percent talent and ninety-eight percent persevering application.”


“Thank you for music, mysterious form of time.”


“Music can name the unnamable and communicate the unknown.”


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