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David Otero

Singer, guitarist, producer and composer. He was one of the two main members (composer and guitarist) of one of the most relevant Spanish Pop bands of the 21st century: “El Canto del Loco”.

In 2010 he began his career as a solo artist and published 6 studio albums. In 2020, David shares with great nostalgia an ambitious project: a compilation album of the most emblematic songs of his career, from ECDL to his latest compositions whose single “Una foto en blanco y negro”, was 4 times #1 on radio in Spain (30 weeks in the Top 20) and is double Platinum.

After a tour of more than 100 concerts presenting his latest and successful album “Otero y yo” and with more than 124 million views on its platforms, David Otero returns in 2024 with his new album “Natural Intelligence”,9 songs made from a focus on the organic, the real, a return to the origin derived from a reflection on how the digital world invades our existence, nullifying our human nature.


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